Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Art cabinet

Saturday morning dawned stormy and gray, the perfect day for staying at home, for tending to forgotten projects around the house. The boys were happily occupied in their blanket fort, the professor was cleaning out files, so I set out to shuffle some things about, to create an art supply cabinet for the boys that is low enough for them to access on their own.

Photos from the past, my stationary, and old issues of Cooking Light have long been stored in the bottom of our china cabinet (my great grandmother's old, pine pie safe) that stands humble yet erect in a corner of the dining room. However, the lights came on and I realized, it's the perfect place for little boys to keep their crafting treasures.

After much sorting, purging, and reorganizing, paper, art supplies, coloring books, and Play-doh went into the cabinet in a simple, colorful way. The boys love their newfound easy access to all of their creative materials. The professor calls it self-service!

An upper cabinet in the kitchen that did house a terribly disorganized jumble of art supplies, papers, and old holiday candy has become a new home for many of the things that I use each day to keep our home running smoothly. It feels good to have accomplished this task; now I find myself opening the cabinets to simply peek inside them!