Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturday Morning Treasure-Hunting

The professor loves nothing more than a good Saturday morning estate sale. Treasure-hunting among the belongings of those who are older {and perhaps quirkier} than himself never ceases to thrill him.

He was up bright and early this past weekend combing the classifieds while I was still lolling in bed in a state of semi-consciousness {mind you, I'd gotten up at 5 a.m. to feed my baby bird}. Grabbing baseball cap and a fresh shirt he said, "It looks like there's a good estate sale across town. It starts at 8:30. I'll take the boys."

My response went something like this, "Have fun. I wish I had an Ikea cinnamon roll for breakfast." Needless to say, Baby and I opted for beauty rest.

But what do you know, much to his delight he toted home two vintage Earl Thollander travel posters...

And, two nice prints of this abstract painting by Lamar Dodd, of University of Georgia fame.

Much to my delight, he also brought bakery fresh cinnamon rolls and scones for breakfast. What a man! All in all, the total for our new, old wall art was less than the total for my coveted breakfast treats... that's one sweet deal for everyone.