Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pink, Black, and White

I believe that I have become slightly obsessed with making things out of pillowcases. It all started when I fell in love with a black and white pillow sham that I spotted at the thrift store. I brought it home, repurposed it, and was thrilled with the result. Then I took a sewing class last month and with my newfound skills I made a real apron... out of a pillowcase, of course.

The truth is, while I look longingly at beautiful fabrics {think Amy Butler!} I can't bring myself to actually spend money on them for fear that I will ruin them. I am a beginner, remember.

And so, for me there are pillowcases... the black and white striped ones left over from the professor's bachelor days {they were quite neglected in the linen closet} and the pair of pristine pink ones that I found at the thrift store for a dollar. From a simple stack of pink, black, and white I made three aprons, each one a little bit better than the previous.

And, I made an A-line jumper! {Insert a delighted sigh here...} If I ever have a little girl I do believe that I will dress her in sweet and simple A-line dresses all of her live-long days!

On Saturday I went to the sewing shop to buy buttons. The owner of the shop, my sewing teacher, congratulated me on the A-line as I showed it to her. When I told her that I made it out of old pillowcases she gave me a quizzical look... she wants me to buy beautiful Amy Butler fabrics from her store.

The bottom line is what matters, right? Here is my bottom line... I'm a beginner who is practicing, practicing will help me improve, if I use thrifted fabric there will be very little money lost when I make the inevitable beginner's mistakes.

The other night the professor wondered what I will do when I run out of pillowcases. I reminded him that there are always more to be found at the thrift store... as well as flat sheets and draperies. Oh my!